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Summer ACT Boot Camp

Our summer ACT program offers instruction and test review on the 5 subjects tested on the ACT: English, Reading, Math, Science and Writing. Students will have a chance to practice their test-taking strategies each week during an up-to-date proctored test. They will then have a chance to review their test with an instructor and receive lessons in the 5 subjects. Homework will be assigned to strengthen reading comprehension and allow for extra practice.

Mock tests and score consultations will be held monthly. Please call contact us for more information and to sign up


The ACT consists of an English section, a reading comprehension section, a math section, a science section and an essay. The first 4 sections are given a score out of 36 points. Those sections are averaged and give the student a composite score out of 36. The essay is a separate score. Each essay is read by two different graders who give it a score from 1-6. The two scores are then added up to and the essay is given a score out of 12.

For the English section, I teach students grammar techniques which will allow them to interpret the grammatical mistakes in the given passages. For the Math section, the students will learn the necessary math skills and how to apply them. To help improve their scores in the reading section, I help students improve their comprehension and question interpretation skills. For the science section, I focus on fact interpretation and logic patterns to successfully interpret the questions. In the essay portion, I show them how to interpret the essay prompt and write an effective essay.


After a decade of consistency, the CollegeBoard released the “new SAT” March 2016. Now, there are two main sections of the SAT: the evidence-based reading and writing section and the math section, each worth 800 points. The reading and writing section is no longer heavy in advanced vocabulary. It consists passages and informational graphics (charts, tables and graphs). You’ll use the passages and graphs to answer questions. The math section tests on abilities in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. The two scores from these sections are added together to generate a scaled score out of 1600.

For the essay portion, the students are given 50 minutes to interpret a source text and write an analytical essay on the given text. The essays are given a score ranging from 2-8 and these scores are not calculated into the overall 1600 scores.

To prepare for the essay and reading section, I teach students the necessary skills and essential knowledge needed to excel. I review active reading skills, question interpretation and grammar. For the math section, they will have a chance to review and learn math skills needed. For the essay portion of the test, I help students learn to interpret the given text and write an analytical essay, focusing on the specific grading rubric given by The CollegeBoard.